Your Money Momma

Tami Stover has big plans for her new business, Your Money Momma, and needed a website for its launch. As an advocate for women and moms, the website needed to covey Tami’s passion for helping women take control of their financial future.

Project Challenges & Goals

Your Money Momma’s website presented several design challenges for Ichor. It needed to be much more than just a landing page for Tami Stover to send her clients for further information about her services: it needed to convey the same passion and excitement she felt for helping women gain better control of their financial health.

There are many examples of dry, cold, and strictly informational websites for financial service professionals on the internet, but Tami’s website needed something new. While the website did need to appear professional, clean, and informational, it needed to convey warmth, welcoming women and visitors to engage with her content and connect with Tami on an emotional level. Tami knew both her target market and her industry well, and Ichor’s challenge was to translate her vision into a usable, engaging application.  


  • Clean, professional aesthetic
  • Warmth and welcoming design to invite users to engage
  • Motivational and compelling
  • Maintaining compliance with the financial industry’s regulations



Ichor’s Solution



Ichor deeply connected with Tami’s vision for empowering women and moms to take control of their financial future, and was eager to create a website that helped Tami convey her message to users. Using interesting shapes, animations and warm colors, the website invites users to engage with the content and connect with Tami on a personal level.

In terms of functionality,  an events calendar and online scheduling tool was embedded to help manage Tami’s speaking events. Ichor was able to find a compelling balance between aesthetic, professionalism, and user engagement, while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

The Final Product