Medallion Jewelers

Medallion Jewelers came to Ichor Studios in need of an updated logo. We were able to help Medallion Jewelers give their logo an updated, modern look while retaining the essence of their brand.

Medallion Jewelers buys and sells jewelery in the heart of Portland.

Medallion Jewelers buys, sells, and repairs jewelery and watches. They offer an assortment of products, including bridal sets, diamond bracelets, earings, and necklaces, watches for men and women, pearls, and loose diamonds. 

Project Challenges

Medallion Jewelers’ old logo featured a low resolution image of a famous medallion coin. They wanted to retain the style and essence of the logo, but needed something much more modern and appealing. 

Ichor’s Solution

Ichor used Medallion Jewelers old logo to put together a more modern, elegant logo to represent the brand. The logo used inspiration from their old logo, but presented it in a professional and stylish way. In addition to logo design, we put together a print design package which included custom-embossed letterhead.  

The Final Product