DOGPAW Off-leash Parks


DOGPAW is a non-profit organization that creates and maintains four off-leash dog parks in the Vancouver, Washington area. They believe that dog parks are a vital part of the community’s quality of life, giving dogs and their owners places to run, walk, play, and thrive. DOGPAW advocates for, and actively pursues the continual establishment and maintenance of off-leash dog parks. They work to find land, obtain permits, build, and maintain safe dog parks that include grassy areas, walking trails, agility courses, tunnels and hills.


DOGPAW came to Ichor in 2017 in need of assistance with their “saveDOGPAW” campaign. With Ichor’s assistance, DOGPAW successfully met their goal of raising $100,000 for park expenses, raised awareness in the community, and has increased membership by more than 20%.   


The Challenges

In 2017, DOGPAW came to Ichor in need of assistance with their “saveDOGPAW” campaign. They had set a $100,000 fundraising goal, and were in need of a website that could help increase awareness of their cause. Most of the general public falsely believed DOGPAW’s parks were tax funded, so DOGPAW needed to provide information in order to raise funds to keep their parks open.

DOGPAW’s website needed to accomplish several goals. First and foremost, they needed a beautifully designed website that attracted dog owners to sign up for membership. They needed functionality to help them manage their membership, online donations, and volunteers. Their old website had poor functionality for managing membership and donations, which led to confusion and frustration by users, which in turn led to fewer membership sign ups and donations. DOGPAW was also hoping to attract more business and corporate sponsors, as well as provide information about upcoming events.

  • Modern, easy-to-navigate website
  • Membership & Donation management functionality
  • Raise awareness about “saveDOGPAW” campaign
  • Attract new sponsors

Our Solution

Ichor’s solution was to create a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website where people could learn about DOGPAW, become a member, donate money, and learn about upcoming events. The website featured bright, clean images, precise copy, and a straightforward Call-to-Action that guided visitors to donate.

Not only does the design attract visitors to the page, but the membership and donation intake functionality has been significantly improved. Members and donors are now able to easily and efficiently sign up, and DOGPAW’s administrators have easy access to organized records.

Since the launch of DOGPAW’s new website, the “saveDOGPAW” campaign successfully reached its’ goal of raising $100,000. Additionally, membership has increased by more than 20%. The new website Ichor built for DOGPAW is essential to their continued growth and success as a non-profit organization. Ichor continues to support DOGPAW as a sponsor and business partner.


What the client says  

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