Restaurants for Rescues Campaign Series - Vancouver, WA.

We believe in service and giving back. Our work revolves around local businesses and non-profits because we believe they're the lifeblood of any community. We believe in returning our good fortune by volunteering and donating to the non-profits serving our community.
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How It Got Started…

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Ichor Studios decided to step up and help the hardest-hit businesses and organizations. To do that, we’re donating design services to a locally owned restaurant. We hope that action will cause a ripple effect and inspire the winning restaurant to support a local animal shelter in return. 

Our team at Ichor decided to continue this giveaway series throughout the year and incorporate it into our ongoing giveback efforts. In 2021, we hope to partner with organizations throughout Portland and Vancouver that have different focuses and missions.

About Restaurants for Rescues Vancouver

This is our second giveaway for the Restaurants for Rescues Campaign Series. We are giving away a complimentary Identity Branding Package to one locally owned restaurant here in Vancouver, WA. We hope that action will cause a ripple effect and inspire the winning restaurant to support a local rescue: Must Love Dogs NW.


What's the Giveaway?

  1. The winning restaurant will receive an Identity Design package from our graphic design team that consists of a brand new logo/logo refresh as well as a custom business card design. 
  2. The restaurant will also receive marketing and promotion support from both Ichor and Must Love Dogs NW for the restaurant giveback day.
What is our logo design process?

We’ll begin with a discovery session so our team can learn more about you and your business. With our creative juices flowing, we’ll gather for a brainstorm session to put all ideas on the table and begin the formation of your designs. We have certain check-points in our process to keep you updated and involved. In the final stages of the process, we’ll refine the creation and present to you. Once everyone is smiling, we’ll package up your designs so they’re ready to use. Here’s a bit more about our collaborative stages in the creative process. 

Discovery session

Think of this as a casual coffee meet-up. It’s a time dedicated to getting to know you and your business. While it’s informal and fluid, we will guide you through a series of questions that help us learn more about you. We want to know your motivations, passions, goals, and even fears or concerns. We’ll also chat about design preferences so our design team has tangible examples to reference. You can count on us to listen and remember our time together. We’re excellent note-takers, which helps to reference in the creative process. 

Creating customer profiles

Depending on the project size and budget, we conduct at least two client interviews to understand who your customers are. During this time, we’ll ask you to select your ideal customers and note why you consider them ideal. Then, we’ll guide you through a series of questions to extract information and begin compiling your customer profiles. This is a proven strategy to create targeted marketing and branding. It helps build an image of your customer so your designs will resonate with them. 

Design, refine, perfect. 

The design process isn’t always linear. That’s why we always reference our initial notes and brainstorm sessions once we complete any designs. If certain parts don’t meet the criteria, or improvements could be made, or we receive feedback from you, we’ll refine the creations. Our strategists and designers work together on all phases of the design process to ensure the fonts, weight, shape and color choices of your logo align with what we learned during the discovery session. Then, we’ll present the logo options to you and walk you through the creative process and meaning behind every aspect of the logo. 

Why Choose us for your business card design?

We design to impress.

A business card design can make the difference between a potential customer calling you, or not. Handing over a well-designed business card printed on quality paper will not only bring a good experience with the person you are interacting with, it will also impress them with just how professional and serious you are with your brand. 

An excellent business card design is so much more than just pretty cards. 

Through an effective design that’s consistent with overall brand strategy, your card design brings strength and credibility to your business. As a result, your customers will find confidence in your brand. Customer confidence can lead to referrals, which grows your business.  

You believe in your products and services. Never settle. Let us help you showcase that belief through creative design. 

We know there are other business card design options out there. Many online printing services offer various default templates. How many other businesses use that same template? 

Your brand is unique. Your services/products are not generic. We shouldn’t fit your brand into an existing design. It should always be the other around: design to fit your business and brand. 


How to Qualify?

  1. All locally owned and operated Vancouver restaurants are welcome to apply.
  2. You agree to host a one-day event sometime in 2021 to support the non-profit: Must Love Dogs NW. The restaurant will allow Must Love Dogs NW to set up a table to give out info about their organization.
  3. Part of the proceeds should be donated to Must Love Dogs NW.

The Timeline

  • 6.19.2020: The campaign starts. Both Ichor and Must Love Dogs NW will announce the giveaway and start collecting restaurants that are interested via the website form below.
  • 8.15.2020: Announce the winner.

Reasons to Apply

  1. A restaurant will get a custom branding package for free. 
  2. The non-profit promises to advertise on your behalf for the one-day event in 2021, which will bring new customers to your restaurant. 
  3. It always feels good to support a local non-profit organization. And who doesn’t love sheltered dogs and puppies who need a forever home? 

The Final Step

We will reach out to the winner and present a contract that includes the scope of work for the giveaway. Once the agreement/contract has been signed, we will announce the winner on social media and put the project on our production schedule. 

About The Nonprofit: Must Love Dogs NW

Since 2008, Must Love Dogs NW has been deeply committed to ending pet homelessness in our community. We strive to educate the public on responsible dog ownership, behavior modification, and training assistance. We work to rehome dogs that are abused, neglected, homeless, about to be homeless and those in shelter settings. We provide spay/neuter and microchip assistance to animals in need. Through our volunteer foster network we are able to provide a loving home environment where we can get to know our dogs and fully assess their needs. Must Love Dogs NW is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that relies 100% on the generosity of the community. Help us make a difference today.

Our Mission

It is our mission to reduce and prevent animal homelessness in our region by being the most innovative and service-oriented rescue in the area. We will accomplish this by providing spay/neuter programs, canine leadership and community education, and a comprehensive adoption program.


Why We Choose Must Loves Dogs NW

One-on-One Rehabilitations

Unlike traditional shelters, Must Love Dogs NW relies on volunteer foster homes for the pups in our program allowing us to specialize in individual hands-on rehabilitation and rehoming. For those dogs who stay with their current owners prior to adoption due to a lack of available foster homes, we use our evaluation to discuss needs and training options while awaiting their forever home. Through this process, we work with every dog to provide optimal medical treatment and behavior modification prior to finding their next home.

We Know Dogs

Our board features Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, Licensed Vet Technicians, fundraising professionals, Certified Public Accountants and so much more.  Must Love Dogs NW is proud to have this very diverse and knowledgeable team, which work every day to enrich the lives of the animals in our program and our community.

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