Restaurants for Rescues Campaign

We believe in service and giving back. Our work revolves around local businesses and non-profits because we believe they're the lifeblood of any community. We believe in returning our good fortune by volunteering and donating to the non-profits serving our community.
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About the Giveaway: Restaurants for Rescues

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Ichor Studios have decided to step up and help the hardest-hit businesses and organizations. To do that, we’re donating a free landing page web design package to one locally owned restaurant. We hope that action will cause a ripple effect and inspire the winning restaurant to support a local shelter: One Tail at a Time | PDX (OTAT PDX). 


What's the Giveaway?

  1. The winning restaurant will receive a custom WordPress landing page from Ichor Studios.
  2. The restaurant will also receive marketing and promotion support from both Ichor and OTAT PDX for the restaurant giveback day.
What is a landing page website?

The Affordable & Scalable Starter Option

Our landing page will showcase your business and provide potential customers with the essential information they need to make a purchase decision through a single-page website. This approach allows you to build a solid foundation without breaking the bank. 

What Is It?

A single-page website that is affordable and built on a solid foundation that can be scaled up down the road. 

Best Fit For?

  • Businesses that have a small budget for their website project. 
  • You are looking for a simple website that tells people a little bit about who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch.
  • You want to see some results before investing a large chunk of money into the project.

The Pros?

  • This is more budget-friendly as you are not dedicating a huge amount of financial resources into the project at once.
  • A cool way to build confidence between clients and our agency. We love to show you what we can do and earn your trust. 
  • It allows business owners to evaluate their site. As the business grows, we can start a monthly retainer to add more pages and content on top of your landing page. 

The Cons?

  • Less SEO friendly option because we will be pushing out content monthly rather than all at once.
  • It’s harder to build brand loyalty with your customers. 

Project Length?

  • Project length: It usually takes about 20 days – one month to complete a landing page.

How to Qualify?

  1. All locally owned and operated Portland restaurants are welcome to apply.
  2. Veg/vegan restaurants or restaurants that offer vegan options is a plus.
  3. You agree to host a one-day event sometime in 2021 to support the non-profit: OTAT PDX. The restaurant will allow OTAT PDX to set up a table to give out info about their organization.
  4. Part of the proceeds should be donated to OTAT PDX.

The Timeline

  • 5.15.2020: The campaign starts. Both Ichor and OTAT PDX will announce the giveaway and start collecting restaurants that are interested via the website form below.
  • 8.15.2020: Announce the winner.

Reasons to Apply

  1. A restaurant will get a custom landing page for free. 
  2. The non-profit promises to advertise on your behalf for the one-day event in 2021, which will bring new customers to your restaurant. 
  3. It always feels good to support a local non-profit organization. And who doesn’t love sheltered dogs and puppies who need a forever home? 

The Final Step

We will reach out to the winner and present a contract that includes the scope of work for the giveaway. Once the agreement/contract has been signed, we will announce the winner on social media and put the project on our production schedule. 

About The Nonprofit: OTAT PDX

One Tail at a Time | PDX (OTAT PDX) is a 501(c)(3) all-breed, no-kill, foster-based companion animal rescue located in Portland, Oregon. Its mission is to improve the lives of companion animals by providing humane, individualized care, and a chance to know the comforts of a loving home through advocacy, education, and support of those in need. 

OTAT PDX’s Core Values 


Compassion for animals and the humans who care for them. We believe in respecting the dignity of all living creatures and aim to create a positive, kind, empathetic, and inclusive environment. 


Commitment to a humane quality of care using science-based welfare standards to consider and address the needs of animals as individuals.

Community Empowerment.

Community Empowerment by providing education, resources, and support through our programs that aim to foster thoughtful engagement and participation. 

Transparency & Accountability.

Transparency and accountability through clear and open communication that aims to build and sustain our community’s trust.

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