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Our team has the experience to help your online presence thrive. Whether you need help with a website, branding, visibility, or all three, our team can provide the results you need while providing the personalized attention you deserve.


A Business Evolution.

Ichor founder, Jennifer Qian, has an eye for technology. Her master’s degree in economics led her to become a self-taught web developer. Believing that invested people can make a difference, Jennifer values community, actively volunteers, and encourages her team to get involved. Jennifer is a member of the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Membership Committee and serves on the executive board for West Columbia Gorge Humane Society.


Jennifer founded Ichor Studios in 2015. Her goal was to create a different business culture by creating a nimble web development firm.


In 2016, Ichor pivoted to focus primarily on local businesses in and around the Portland, Oregon area. As a creative digital agency, Ichor’s focus was to serve the community by providing web development and branding services to small businesses and non-profits.


In January of 2017, Ichor crossed the river into Vancouver, Washington and began to expand its work beyond website development. Jennifer saw a need among her clients for qualified SEO and social media management services. In response, she invested time so she and her team could learn the skills necessary to help clients improve their conversion rates.


Ichor started with a small team of developers and designers, but Jennifer likes to think big. By 2025, Jennifer plans to expand Ichor’s services abroad, starting a series of studios who share Ichor’s values and passion for design.


Expertise and Varied Talents United Under a Common Vision.

Jennifer Q. | Creative Director
Sarah Joy C. | Creative Writer & QA
Amy H. | Web Developer
Teona K. | Graphic Designer
Sam G. | Lead Photographer
Jennifer Q. | Creative Director
Sarah Joy C. | Creative Writer & QA
Amy H. | Web Developer
Teona K. | Graphic Designer
Sam G. | Lead Photographer

We love our studio pets!

Momo | Studio Pup
Lilo | Studio Pup
Maple | Studio Kitty
Sam | Studio Pup
Momo | Studio Pup
Lilo | Studio Pup
Maple | Studio Kitty
Sam | Studio Pup


Cultivating Relationships to Better Serve your Business.


Ichor believes in doing right by our clients. That means we’ll make recommendations based on your best interests rather than ours.


We’re a team of creatives who find inspiration through learning. That’s why we’re always searching for new tricks or the next big idea that will help us deliver big for our clients.


Nobody knows your business better than you do and recognizing this fact keeps us humble. We approach each new project ready and eager to learn from our clients, so we can provide customized solutions to their pressing needs.


Ichor’s focus on optimization allows us to continually refine our processes so we can deliver services in more efficient and affordable ways. We take this same attitude of constant self-reflection into our new projects, so we can help our clients operate more efficiently as well.


We believe that diversity fosters strength and that’s why our inclusive team welcomes people with different backgrounds, cultures, races, and genders.


We Believe in Giving Back & Community Service.

Our work revolves around local businesses and non-profits because we believe they’re the lifeblood of any community. We believe in giving back by volunteering & donating to non-profits in the community.

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Happy Clients, Stronger Communities.

When you refer a client that signs with Ichor studios, you’ll receive a $150 credit towards any of our products or services. Or, you can choose to donate that amount to a non-profit of your choice which Ichor will happily match.

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